[Flac-dev] quick and easy way to convert id3-tagged flac to flac-tagged flac?

Brian Willoughby brianw at sounds.wa.com
Fri Jun 15 09:01:18 PDT 2007

Jud, why would you write this in .NET and limit its portability?   
flac runs on Unix and Mac OS X, so if you were to write in C/C++ then  
your tool would be available to everyone who can run flac.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Jun 15, 2007, at 06:34, Jud White wrote:
Unless someone knows of a tool, I could make pretty quick work out of  
this.  Which tags are you looking to convert, ie artist, album,  
title, track #, year, genre, images - anything else?  .NET ok?

Dan Pritts wrote:
> So before i knew better, i encoded a lot of my CDs in flac and added
> id3 tags (they worked, so great!).
> I know i've seen mention of others doing this; anyone gone to the
> trouble to write a tag conversion tool?  Shouldn't be too tough,
> but i'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

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