[Flac-dev] [PATCH 0/5] Debian patches for 1.1.3

Joshua Kwan joshk at triplehelix.org
Mon Jan 8 16:56:40 PST 2007

Hi Josh,

Here are all the patches that are currently applied to the Debian
packages for flac. You may disagree with some of them but as the current
maintainer, I'm submitting them all for your consideration.

(I should've submitted them earlier, but I've been quite busy. Sorry!)

Here is a listing of the patches that I'll be sending:

Patch 1 fixes a simple typo in metaflac documentation.

Patch 2 changes how 'flac -t' progress is displayed. The way the code
currently is, it causes problems when the length of the filename is
longer than the width of the terminal.

Patch 3 changes EOF warnings to errors. The reason for doing this is
that someone complained that he specified flac --delete-input-file when
encoding, received an EOF warning, and since the warning was not fatal,
the file was deleted anyway, and it was no longer possible to check the
input file.

Patch 4 adds a mention of --no-utf8-convert to the manpage.

Patch 5 causes metaflac to exit nonzero if an illegal option was

Please let me know what you think.

Joshua Kwan
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