[Flac-dev] OS X UTI for FLAC files

Stephen F. Booth me at sbooth.org
Wed Feb 21 16:59:17 PST 2007

I think it would be beneficial to designate an official UTI (see  
http://developer.apple.com/macosx/uniformtypeidentifiers.html) to be  
used on OS X for FLAC files.  I have written a FLAC metadata importer  
(http://sbooth.org/importers/) for which I chose the UTI  
'net.sourceforge.flac'.  A standard UTI for application developers to  
use would help alleviate any confusion and could also eliminate  
potential sources of conflict in the UTI hierarchy.  For example, I  
have seen org.xiph.flac used.

Unfortunately I don't have any information on FLAC support in  
Leopard, but if FLAC is indeed supported natively by OS X it could be  
that Apple has already assigned a UTI to FLAC.

I think the ideal UTI would be public.flac-audio, which would inherit  
from public.audio.  Does anyone else have any thoughts?

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