[Flac-dev] Re: Is FLAC fully cooked for OS X yet?

Brian Willoughby brianw at sounds.wa.com
Wed Feb 21 14:35:05 PST 2007

The key to Arek comment is that the project files only work with  
1.1.2 FLAC.  Even in those days, the Xcode project was not fully  
operational.  I gave up on using it, and I think everyone else did.   
You basically have no hope of just pulling it out of the repository  
and expecting it to work.

What I do, and what I assume most successful FLAC developers on Mac  
OS X are also doing, is treat the FLAC source as a Unix project.  Use  
the command-line make, not Xcode.

Those of you who need Xcode are going to have to find someone to put  
together a new Xcode project that works with 1.1.3 (hopefully one  
that works better than the 1.1.2 project was working in its day), and  
check that in to the repository.  Seeing as how it is not absolutely  
necessary, I can see why nobody has stepped up to do this.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Jan 2, 2007, at 06:24, Evan Olcott wrote:

On Jan 2, 2007, at 5:15 AM, Arek Korbik wrote:

> The XCode project files you found are meant to be used with FLAC
> 1.1.2. The FLAC repository now contains version 1.1.3 files, and there
> have been interface changes in that latest revision
> (http://flac.sourceforge.net/changelog.html#flac_1_1_3). That could
> explain your problems with compilation.

Well, now, no, I did download the 1.1.3 sources again, and not only  
did the xcodeproj project file have the file_encoder.c listed in the  
project as WELL as the old pbproj project file that came WITH 1.1.3's  
sources, i did a search on the whole directory only to find no trace  
of file_encoder.c and it's cousins...

I'm all at 1.1.3, source files, project files and everything. Now,  
where did these files go?:

file_decoder.h + .c
file_encoder.h + .c
seekable_stream_decoder.h + .c
seekable_stream_encoder.h + .c

Who's got 'em? They're certainly not in the distribution -- does  
anyone actually HAVE these files anywhere?
Looking for these files on the api repository gets me a 404... but  
Google has links to them...


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