[Flac-dev] two develop problems about flac-1.1.3?

zhou link freboat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 06:30:16 PST 2007

i download flac-1.1.3.src
watch the change log, it is good news that intergrate 3 layer decode api
into one layer.
but it DEPANDs on the ogg lib now, i try it build a plugin for
beep-media-player on linux
the plugin just seems like the xmms's plugin.
when i build plugin with 1.1.2's api, it compile smoothly, and bmp decoder
flac file well, but when i updat flac lib to 1.1.3, and change the plugin's
api, when compile it complain errors about oggs
i am really disappointed to it, and remove the 1.1.3.

flac on the way lossless, but it depend a lossy format's lib, i sounds not

i also try build the flac-1.1.3 on windows' msvc , and the README tell me
that, it also need the ogglib.

then i download win_dev lib to build, when i compile a tool (about flac's
little toy), it compiled ok with dynamic, but when run it need the
when i build the tool with libflac_static.lib, it complain like that:
unresolved extern symbol __imp_FLAC__stream_decoder_get_state
................... __imp_FLAC__stream_decoder_porcess_single

how can i build the tool with static lib ??
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