[Flac-dev] Tests fail

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-flac at mega-nerd.com
Sun Oct 29 01:53:52 PST 2006

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> Hi all,
> Its been a while since I last compiled FLAC from source, but I just
> grabbed flac-1.1.3-beta2.tar.gz compiled it and then ran "make check"
> which resulted in this:

I've run the test scripts one by one and the first one to fail is
test_flac.sh :

    Testing the metadata-handling properties of flac-to-flac encoding...
    case00a... Files case00a-expect.meta and out.meta differ
    ERROR: metadata does not match expected case00a-expect.meta

The second is test_metaflac.sh :

    test case00: --list... Files metaflac-test-files/case00-expect.meta 
             and metaflac-test-files/out.meta differ
    ERROR: metadata does not match expected metaflac-test-files/case00-expect.meta

I'm still searching for the last failure.

  Erik de Castro Lopo
"You can have quality software, or you can have pointer arithmetic;
but you cannot have both at the same time." -- Bertrand Meyer, 1989

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