[Flac-dev] build issues

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Tue Nov 7 15:25:55 PST 2006

BTW, I ran into a few issues building with recent cvs.

You might want to consider copying autogen.sh from one of the other xiph 
codec projects and setting a proper minimum version in AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. 
The current one just breaks if it the default automake isn't the 
appropriate version, but debian based systems (at least) often 
have several versions installed in parallel. We have code to pick an 
appropriate one. It will also choose glibtoolize instead of libtoolize 
on macosx, but that's not a complete solution because it doesn't have 
the iconv macros.

You should also include a copy of ogg.m4 in the m4 directory, otherwise 
that check can't fail cleanly.

Finally and most important, 4 of the 7 self tests failed on my x86_64 
system (x86_64-linux-gnu, ubuntu 6.06.1, gcc version 4.0.3) so it seems 
there are definite 64 bit problems.


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