[Flac-dev] flac seektable during encoding

Avuton Olrich avuton at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 20:49:07 PDT 2006

Please excuse me, I haven't yet dug into the code too far.

What I'd like to do: I'm using ecasound to record for 24 hour periods,
which pipes the output  directly to flac. I would like to be able to
decode sections of this (using until/skip) during recording/encoding.

I understand currently that flac can't do this, unless I pipe into dd
to skip after decoding (which would be an incredible waste of
resources). Would it be possible to write the seektable dynamically
(would that be a bit of a cpu hog?), or is there possibly a better way
I'm not thinking of? I'm not asking for anyone to code, I could
attempt hack something for my purposes.

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