[Flac-dev] [PATCH] Memory issue and cast causing failures when adding metadata

King, Joshua Joshua.King at dsto.defence.gov.au
Mon Aug 21 19:21:25 PDT 2006


We are using the libFLAC++ library to encode FLAC files with Vorbis
comments in them and have had the FLAC 1.1.2 version fail consistently
(access violation or segmentation fault) on both Windows and Linux. We
tracked this down to the metadata code in the C++ API.

The problem is in src/libFLAC++/file_encoder.cpp.

There are two problems - firstly, a C-style cast is hiding a bad
conversion from the pointer to a C++ object to the C API's struct for
metadata and secondly, the method uses an array internal to the method
to set the metadata using the C API.

I have attached some test code which causes the problem.

The underlying problem is that the set_metadata calls don't keep a copy
of the metadata information, even though it is not read (and written to
the stream) until the init call. However the objects inside the array
must also remain valid (this is the library user's responsibility) so I
also added a note in the header documentation.

I have attached a patch to fix the cast problem, and also to make the
C++ API hold onto its array of metadata blocks (but not copied). This
avoids changing the C library behaviour, though I would think it better
to have the metadata blocks copied upon the set_metadata call (ie, in
src/libFLAC/stream_encoder.c) instead.

Also note that I have only changed the file_decoder, a corresponding
problem seems to exist in the code for
seekable_stream_encoder/stream_encoder as well.


Joshua King
Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Tel: (08) 9553 4305

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