[Flac-dev] No total samples in OGG/FLAC file

Stevo Brock stevo at skywardstudios.com
Tue Oct 25 20:36:45 PDT 2005

libFLAC 1.1.2

I'm using an OggFLAC_seekable_stream_encoder to create an OGG/FLAC  
file.  I'm seeing that the STREAMINFO is not being written when the  
encoder is finished.  I'm seeing that, for whatever reason, although  
the previously written data is read back in, simple_ogg_page__get_at 
() is failing when checking the CRC at the end of the function.  As  
far as I know, I have everything set up properly although I am not  
setting a serial number for the FLAC stream.

What could be going wrong?

-Stevo Brock
  Monkey Tools

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