[Flac-dev] Re: More than 8 channels possible?

Pascal Haakmat a.haakmat at chello.nl
Thu Mar 31 23:27:05 PST 2005

31/03/05 17:16, Brian Willoughby wrote:


> I do a great deal of live multi-track recording.  Every tool I use creates  
> mono recordings.  At most, I combine microphone pairs or stereo electronics  
> channels into stereo files after recording.  Then, when backing up, I use FLAC  
> to compress the mono and stereo files.  My recording software already organizes  
> the files for one session into a directory, so the FLAC files live in that  
> directory, too.

Sometimes it's more convenient to store a 10 channel recording as a 10
channel file, rather than as 10 seperate files wrapped in a container


> How do you know what the storage requirements would be reduced?  The most  
> savings comes from inter-channel correlation.  

Didn't know that.

> I doubt you'll really ever have more than four channels that
> actually have real correction in the audio.

No, probably not. Will have to experiment and see.


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