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gidluck at alltel.net gidluck at alltel.net
Sat Mar 12 08:28:22 PST 2005

Hello Josh and flac-dev,
I've got libflac and libflac++ implemented as dll's on the pocket pc using embedded visual C++ 4.0 . The target system with this environment is pocket pc 2003 (windows ce 4.20).

I used the project files provided on the FLAC pages from the unofficial port for pocket pc. These were limited in usefulness due to no sources included with them. However, I did use the structure of the project and used sources from 1.1.0 .

Files can be provided by request for review. The IDE for EVC++ 4.0 is a free download from microsoft. If you are interested in this project being included in an official port (sometime) let me know.

My reason for implementing the dll's is to include them into Live2496 which is a recorder which runs on Pocket PC. It uses the Core Sound (digital input device) which fits in a CF slot of the pocket pc. Using a front-end preamp/converter, we are recording 24-bit data to pocket pc's. Typical use is live shows, but we have some (10-15%)of the users doing sound measurement, wildlife recording, movies, speech analysis, broadcasting, and sound effects.

I just managed to get my first file converted today, so not much testing has been done yet. I expect to be releasing the FLAC feature in the next few weeks. 

I plan to implement the FLAC copyright Xiph.org in the programs "About" screen. Let me know if this is sufficient.

Gordon Gidluck

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