[Flac-dev] More than 8 channels possible?

Pascal Haakmat a.haakmat at chello.nl
Sat Mar 12 07:40:12 PST 2005


First, thanks a lot for FLAC. 

A few questions. Apologies if this is not the right forum or if these
questions have come up before; the SourceForge archive search didn't
turn up anything.

1. Would it be possible for FLAC to support more than 8 channels?
2. If (1) is not desirable because it would break compatibility or some
   such, then is it possible to build a local copy supporting more
   channels by simply increasing FLAC__MAX_CHANNELS in 

Either of these would greatly help in reducing the storage
requirements for recording sessions.

As I am not subscribed to the list a Cc: would be appreciated.

Thanks again.


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