[Flac-dev] dropping id3 support

Steve Vasquez steve.vasquez at request.com
Fri Sep 24 15:12:31 PDT 2004

Hey Josh,

We currently use id3 v1/2 in the AudioReQuest but are working to support
Vorbis Comments in a future version.  I do know that PhatNoise and Tag and
Rename both use id3 as well.  Just an FYI, you have to do what you have to

Steven Vasquez
Director of Product Marketing/Founder
ReQuest Multimedia
steve at request.com

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after spending a lot of time integrating X-Fixer's winamp2 plugin code, I am
on the verge of removing id3 v1/v2 support from the plugins completely.  it
is really hard to get right in a way that works intuitively for the user,
and i18n is also a nightmare.  in id3v2 every field can have a different

FLAC tag a.k.a. Vorbis comment support is very good now so unless someone
comes up with a really compelling reason, I'm going to drop it in the next


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