[Flac-dev] liboggflac bug (flac.exe) : wrong header field

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 10:01:12 PDT 2004

--- illiminable <ogg at illiminable.com> wrote:
> Just playing around with my new flac code, and did some tests with
> stuff 
> from the reference tools, and i noticed that one of the fields in the
> first 
> header is wrong. (The number of headers field is 1 less than it
> should be)
> The spec doc says...
> " A two-byte, big-endian binary number signifying the number of
> header 
> (non-audio) packets, including this one. "

the spec is wrong in this case (if you look in the old html
there is a little note to myself in comments but it got
overlooked for the release).

I updated the page to say 'not including this one'.

the 'unknown' value is still OK to be zero since legal
streams must have at least one more header packet (the
vorbis comment).

I put this packet count in because I wasn't sure if it would
be required to know this info in advance, since the number
of vorbis header packets is always known in advance.  it may
never actually be used.


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