[Flac-dev] RE: basic encoder help

Saruman saruman at telenet.be
Fri Nov 5 12:18:15 PST 2004

I was also playing with the signed/unsigned char thing, and it solved my
problem too.
Although I don't understand why this could make a difference?

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>I'm currently facing the same problem.
>I added the libFLAC++ libraries to my MSVC application.
>I implemented the same quality levels (0-8) as used in the FLAC frontend
>But the resulting files are remarkable different between my application and
the FLAC frontend >(although using the same settings).

It did turn out to be something in my byte ordering in the end as suggested.
I tested the decompressed file against the original wav file and it checked
out and played fine, but when i rearranged the byte ordering to use signed
char instead of the unsigned chars i was feeding it, the compression ratio
was greatly improved. As a quick hack i ended up with:

for (int i=0; i<2352; i+=4) {			// 2352 because number of
bytes in frame of CDDA

the (char) casts made all the difference. I'll change the software to use
all signed chars, but this works for now.



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