[Flac-dev] id3v2 problem

Daisuke Shimamura Daisuke_Shimamura at nifty.com
Fri Mar 28 09:35:41 PST 2003

Hi Josh,

I found id3v2 didn't work on v1.1.0. I checked source codes, macros- (in
such cases as FLAC_HAVE_ID3LIB) ware moved to config.h. That is good.
But the place to do include is the after of #ifdef FLAC_HAVE_ID3LIB.
The result of configure script isn't reflected. And it doesn't always
have id3lib with this.

Move place of 'include "config.h"' to the top. I confirmed it worked
good on linux.

Daisuke Shimamura

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