[Flac-dev] best practices, flac importer

ankur shah ank at edonkey2000.com
Thu Mar 27 07:19:39 PST 2003


I just started implementing a flac importer for my program, and I'm curious 
confused about the best practices regarding the extraction of file 
meta-information. according to the standard, id3v1 tags can be found 
appended to the flac file and id3v2 tags can be found prepended to the flac 
file. I'm actually seen neither of these in practice and am wondering as to 
the popularity of the schemes.

More popualr seems the OggVorbis comment block in the file metadata, which 
I wrote an importer for. Do people think an importer should check for all 
three types of tagging, or OggVorbis the way things are going here?

Thank you for your help, please pardon me for my newness,

all hail the metamachine.
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