[Flac-dev] CD Baby using FLAC to archive 40,000 CDs

Curt Sampson cjs at cynic.net
Wed Jun 25 18:23:01 PDT 2003

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Steven Richman wrote:

> > And then you won't lose the stuff in the pregap on live CDs, and it also
> > makes the storage and naming easier to deal with.
> Can you explain this to me? You don't actually lose the audio data, right,
> just the structure of the CD (which can probably be captured with cue
> files anyway)? I've ripped CDs with pregap audio before, and I'm pretty
> sure it's not getting lost, but rather prepended to the rip of the
> subsequent track.

I suppose whether the pregap is kept or not depends on the ripping
Iapplication. f it rips from 0:00 in the track, you're going to lose it,
otherwise you'll keep it. If you've kept it, I'd guess you could even
concatenate all of your audio files and create a table of contents file
for a DAO writer so that you wouldn't have the two-second gap between
tracks, either.

To me it sounds easier to go the other way around and just write a
little utility to extract individual tracks from a file containing the
entire CD and TOC.

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