[Flac-dev] CD Baby using FLAC to archive 40,000 CDs

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Wed Jun 25 14:11:06 PDT 2003

As for the storage, I recommend something like AFS, that's distributed and
network-transparent.  AFS/Kerberos has a tendency to take
over the network for use as an authentication protocol, but it's both
possible to use AFS/Krb in a hetereogenous environment and a good idea to
switch to Krb5 :).

OpenAFS is quite a good product, I am finding.

A few general notes: Isn't cdparanoia more "correct" at audio extraction?
And can't you emulate the 'pregap'-etc. effect with a .cue (or similar)
plus the various .flac files?

-- Asheesh.

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On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Derek at CD Baby wrote:

> > Actually, I was more interested in how you set up the disk array.
> I think we just set up 3ware IDE raid cards with 200-gig drives,
> all on 1 PC for now (3/4 slots) and seems to work OK.
> No case would fit them so it's just sprawled out on a desk away from
> everything else with 4 power supplies powering the drives.
> When it's time to buy more disks then I'll have to set up a separate
> PC with more RAID cards and figure out when that day comes how to
> make them all accessible through a single IP.  Maybe NFS.  Not sure.
> > > But definitely doing them as individual songs. Not as a whole CD.
> > > We need the separate songs for working with services like iTunes +
> > > Rhapsody.
> >
> > Um...there's no reason you can't extract individual songs from a flac
> > file based on the TOC in it, if someone would just write a little
> > utility to do so. (I may end up doing it one day if nobody else does.)
> > And then you won't lose the stuff in the pregap on live CDs, and it also
> > makes the storage and naming easier to deal with.
> Interesting!
> I'll look into it.  Thansk for the tip.

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