[Flac-dev] Multimedia library and shell extension

CarstenBreuerCBLex at openwin.de CarstenBreuerCBLex at openwin.de
Fri Jun 6 13:53:02 PDT 2003

Hi all,

im new on this list, so greetings to all of the great developers
of flac. 

Last year i had started to grab all my CDs to my server and to
put them in the basement. We have now the time where the 
hard drives are so cheap, that we dont't need the CD anymore.
Nonetheless it makes a lot and a lot and a lot of work to grab all
the CDs. I wanted to have them lossless to make this works ONCE.
MP3 is currently perhaps a good technologie, but it is out dated in 
some years. 

After some time of grabbing i run out of hard drive space and i had 
to make a decission: Buy a second hard drive, use a drive 
compressor or change the audio format. I have changed to flac
and have converted all wav files to flac. This take some weeks, because
i use compression ratio 8.

Here is my data:

     94,7 GigaByte before flac  (1GB=10000...)
     59,1 GigaByte after flac     (1GB=10000...)

Im planing to upgrade my server in the next tree years to a capacity
of 1T (1000 GB).

The great times of flac are comming now and it will be interesting to
use it. developments like the AudioTron goes in the right way.

OK, a long story. 

Here comes what i want:

Since flac doesn't have any recurse functions, a batch or something like this 
is needed. Linux users have a powerfull shell to do it, but under the DOS 
box there is sometimes a big problem with the names. I have changed a project
of mine to execute flac recurse over a directory. This was quick and dirty, 
but works fine.

Im thinking of to write a shell extension to handle flac and other multimedia
files in the windows explorer and perhaps also under KDE. I have written
one for Windows (CBShellExt <see sf.net>), but have now idea if and how 
it works under KDE.

Is anyone here with the same interest?



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