AW: AW: AW: [Flac-dev] Incomplete format description?

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Tor-Einar_Jarnbjo at
Thu Jan 23 23:51:01 PST 2003

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> Von: Josh Coalson
> Miroslav's suggestion is the best right now.  I probably should
> hand-craft a stream that exercises a decoder as much as possible.

I've already tested my decoder with the options -0 to -8 and it works, but
the streams doesn't contain any verbatim or constant subframes. I guess this
depends heavily on the input file. Unpredictable noise will be coded as
verbatim frames and periods of complete silence as constant frames? I'll see
if I get to run the test-script mentioned, but I am not sure if my Linux
installation is working very well.

I've made the current version of the decoder available here:

It has no JMF-bindings yet, only support for Ogg-framed FLAC-files and at
least my code for writing the WAV-file only supports 16-bit files, but if
someone would like to test it, feel free to do so. The decoder is started
like this (Java 1.4 is required):

java [-Danalyze=true] -jar Ogg2Wav.jar in.ogg out.wav

The analyze-option will produce similar output as flac's -a option for fixed
and lpc subframes.


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