[Flac-dev] xmms-flac plugin in OS X - Apple X11

Brian Haberman habesct at mac.com
Thu Jan 23 17:55:03 PST 2003

I have been using Apple's X11 on OS X and I got the source and compiled 
flac 1.0.5 beta2.  Everything seemed to build and install OK, but the 
xmms-flac plugin is not working, and I cannot open xmms.  I get the 
following error when I launch xmms from xterm:

brian it's 8:41pm, what now? xmms &
[1] 567
brian it's 8:41pm, what now? dyld: xmms Undefined symbols:

[1]    Trace/BPT trap                xmms
brian it's 8:41pm, what now?

I am not sure exactly where to go from here, or what might be causing 
this.  Any thoughts?

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