AW: AW: [Flac-dev] Incomplete format description?

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Tor-Einar_Jarnbjo at
Thu Jan 23 01:27:02 PST 2003

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> Von:  Josh Coalson
> yes, I will probably get to it soon after the release.
> the encoding side is pretty convoluted but for decoding,
> src/libFLAC/stream_decoder.c:read_residual_partitioned_rice_()
> should be pretty straightforward once you ignore the
> FLAC__SYMMETRIC_RICE stuff (which is not used).  feel free to
> ask questions about it here.

Yes, I did find that part after tracing through the code, and I already have
a few questions.

- I am right, that the FLAC__bitbuffer_read_rice_signed_block method is
doing the same as I would have achieved by filling the array in a loop by
calling FLAC__bitbuffer_read_symmetric_rice_signed?

- Should I allign the bitstream to the beginning of the next byte between
the subframes, or only after reading the last subframe. I'm having some
synchronization problems which might be caused by this.

- My implementation seems to decode fixed subframes now, but the lpc
subframes contains nothing but noise, and the bitstream is out of sync after
reading one. The source code I'm using for decoding the lpc subframe is
available here: and the
relevant part starts on line 218. I would appreciate if someone would take a
look at it and see if they find any obvious mistakes (the code should be
quite easy to read).


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