[Flac-dev] Winamp3 component update

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 18:10:06 PST 2002

--- Peter Mei <shinseiki at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Okay, I've done a bit of work on flacpcm.cpp and the Winamp3
> component 
> workspace.  I updated the workspace & projects to use the SDK for
> build 
> 488 (based on GenericWACTemplate).  I also fleshed-out the MediaInfo 
> callbacks, so that standard Vorbis comment fields are reported
> (author, 
> album, genre, date/year, title, track, description), although id3 tag
> info takes precedence.  So flac files show all their relevant fields
> in 
> Winamp3.  What's the simplest way of submitting these patches?  I can
> provide a diffs, or zip everything up.  Let me know; thanks!

Excellent.  The best way is everything zipped up since there
have not been many (any?) changes in CVS since 1.0.4.  You
can send it to me off-list.  Thanks,


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