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Russell O'Connor roconnor at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Nov 11 01:38:04 PST 2002

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On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Josh Coalson wrote:

> Hmm, that's how the plugins work.  They are using the file
> decoder layer but that's a pretty trivial wrapper around
> the seekable stream decoder.  Without seeing your code there's
> not much else I can say.

Do you want to see my code ;-)

> When it loses sync, is the file still completely decoded without
> gaps or errors in the data?  It may be a buggy sync message
> (which wouldn't show up in the plugins since they are ignored).

The decoded audio has burps in it.  As you would expect if some frames
aren't decoded.

I also have another problem.  free(bb->buffer) in FLAC__bitbuffer_free,
eventually called by the seekable stream decoder delete causes my
application to crash.

Very strange.  I wounder if my two problems are related.  The bitbuffer
gets data moved around when read it called, so maybe they are related.
It really seems like there is some memory craziness going on.

I really hate C.

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