[Flac-dev] process_single

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 10 23:02:02 PST 2002

--- Russell O'Connor <roconnor at Math.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:
> Has anyone successfully decoded a FLAC by a series of
> process_single's
> (I'm using the seekable_stream interface)?
> Whenever the process_single make a read callback, then next time I
> call
> process single, the decoder losses sync.
> I'm trying to determine if it is a problem in my code, or a problem
> in
> libFLAC.
> I'd usually guess it would be my code, but the code at my end is
> pretty
> simple, and I can't see what the problem would be.

Hmm, that's how the plugins work.  They are using the file
decoder layer but that's a pretty trivial wrapper around
the seekable stream decoder.  Without seeing your code there's
not much else I can say.

When it loses sync, is the file still completely decoded without
gaps or errors in the data?  It may be a buggy sync message
(which wouldn't show up in the plugins since they are ignored).


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