[Flac-dev] XMMS FLAC plugin

Glenn glenn at meaning.com
Mon Nov 4 11:59:08 PST 2002

I posted this problem to the bug tracker a few weeks ago, but never got a
follow-up. I appologize if I missed it, I've been having some email problems

The problem is that the FLAC 1.0.4 XMMS plugin doesn't work with
XMMS v1.2.7 (as shipped with RedHat 8.0). The FLAC 1.0.3 plugin
works fine.

I think this is the same problem as:
[ 630228 ] FLAC 1.0.4 XMMS plugin problem?

I've tried both the pre-built binary and compiling it myself. Neither work.

Does anyone know what is up with this?


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