[Flac-dev] process for petitioning for more flac hardware support

E S es0123 at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 16:52:03 PDT 2002

i was wondering how one would go about approaching hardware manufacturers to 
support flac.

i get the sense that in the case of phatnoise, one of their devs already 
knew about flac and took the initiative (although if this isn't the case, 
please correct me).

but how would you go about asking say, apple, to add flac support to the 
ipod? the ipod can already play a number of formats, including wav files & 
the firmware is upgradeable. there's already a 10gig model and since toshiba 
announced a 20gig version of the drive the ipod uses, i'd guess there's a 
20gig ipod soon for this world--which would be insanely great for a portable 
flac collection.

as flac is free and open source, and there aren't fp issues like with ogg, 
i'd think flac would be an easy sell to a hardware mfr....


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