[Flac-dev] Flac compression on 24/96 files

Paul Kubicz pkube at umich.edu
Tue Jun 11 12:03:04 PDT 2002


This is an inquiry which could be answered by looking in the code (which 
I will do), but a direct answer by the expert would be interesting and 

Given a similar musical content (i.e. same dynamic range and frequency 
response) encoded in both 24/96 and 16/44.1 formats, will flac produce 
roughly the same size compressed file for both formats?

I'm wondering whether it's valid to draw an analogy between image files 
and sound files. You can scan a sheet of text and store it both 
medium-resolution 8-bit uncompressed TIF and 32-bit high-resolution 
uncompressed TIF, but since the content is the same, they'll both 
compress down to (roughly) the same size.


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