[Flac-dev] xmms-plugin problem

Jan Suhr jan.suhr at freenet.de
Wed Jan 16 14:25:03 PST 2002

hmm, for example: xmms needed 85 seconds to seek near the end of a 5:51 
minute track (CD quality). I use an Intel 700Mhz CPU. not a 386SX ;-)

What do you think?


On Tuesday, 15. January 2002 15:38, you wrote:
> --- Jan Suhr <jan.suhr at freenet.de> wrote:
> > hello!
> > I use flac 1.0.2 with xmms 1.2.5 . The problem appears when I use
> > the scroll bar to listen a few second forward in the song ("seek to
> > ...").
> > Then xmms does'nt react and stops playing music for a few seconds.
> > After these few second xmms works fine again and plays the song.
> > The length of these pause is longer when I want to listen near the
> > end of the song; its shorter when I want to listen near the
> > beginning of the song.
> > Is this a problem in the plugin?
> I would not be surprised, even though I haven't seen this
> in a while.  I'm still not totally satisfied with the
> speed of the seek routine in libFLAC yet.
> but, if you encoded with the default seek table, it should
> not be that slow, even if the file is really big.  the only
> thing I can think of is that the file has wide swings in the
> bitrate that make searching for the right frame harder.
> Josh
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