[Flac-dev] xmms-plugin problem

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 07:46:17 PST 2002

--- Jan Suhr <jan.suhr at freenet.de> wrote:
> hello!
> I use flac 1.0.2 with xmms 1.2.5 . The problem appears when I use the
> scroll bar to listen a few second forward in the song ("seek to
> ..."). 
> Then xmms does'nt react and stops playing music for a few seconds. 
> After these few second xmms works fine again and plays the song. The 
> length of these pause is longer when I want to listen near the end of
> the song; its shorter when I want to listen near the beginning of the
> song.
> Is this a problem in the plugin?

I would not be surprised, even though I haven't seen this
in a while.  I'm still not totally satisfied with the
speed of the seek routine in libFLAC yet.

but, if you encoded with the default seek table, it should
not be that slow, even if the file is really big.  the only
thing I can think of is that the file has wide swings in the
bitrate that make searching for the right frame harder.


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