[Flac-dev] FLAC as part of the Ogg project?

Christer Palm palm at nogui.se
Tue Feb 5 22:24:03 PST 2002

Josh Coalson wrote:

> --- Christer Palm <palm at nogui.se> wrote:
>>I'd be happy to put some effort into making that happen, but after 
>>having looked at the code as it currently stands I realize that this 
>>would require some quite substantial changes, and it would probably
>>wise to have an open discussion about whether and how such a change 
>>should be implemented before hacking away on it. What is your opinion
>>about this, Josh?
> I'd be interested in hearing what you have in mind.

As a matter of fact, I haven't spent much time thinking about any 
specifics. The reason I was digging through the code in the first place 
was to see if; 1) there was a simple way to break out the decoding of 
the frame header so that I could find out how much data I need to buffer 
up before calling FLAC__stream_decoder_process_one_frame(), because the 
application I'm working on cannot request more data from within the 
flac_read() callback, and 2) see if I could get the decoder to work on 
my own buffer in order to avoid an unneccesary memcpy().

So although this is somewhat related, I haven't, for example, looked 
much at the encoder.

Christer Palm

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