[Flac-dev] FLAC as part of the Ogg project?

Christer Palm palm at nogui.se
Sun Feb 3 14:28:02 PST 2002

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> As I understand it, the current Ogg/FLAC implementation simply wraps the Ogg
> bitstream format around a normal FLAC stream, thus not utilizing the
> features of Ogg, and duplicating various bookkeeping data.  If the Ogg folks
> were to spec out a FLAC-based codec for Ogg, it would likely look different
> from the current implementation.


And to "fix" that in the reference implementation, the API would 
probably need to expose a new layer of functionality below the "stream" 
abstraction, so that frame headers and subframes could be processed 
separately outside the FLAC stream context.

Making that change would also open up a whole new world of possibilities 
of encapsulating FLAC frames in various stream formats.

I'd be happy to put some effort into making that happen, but after 
having looked at the code as it currently stands I realize that this 
would require some quite substantial changes, and it would probably be 
wise to have an open discussion about whether and how such a change 
should be implemented before hacking away on it. What is your opinion 
about this, Josh?

Christer Palm

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