[Flac-dev] FLAC as part of the Ogg project?

Joshua Haberman jhaberman at ups.edu
Sat Feb 2 17:35:04 PST 2002

Have you considered trying to have FLAC become an official part of the
Ogg project? Ogg has Vorbis but no lossless codec, and FLAC is already
production quality. You've already written the code to wrap FLAC in an
Ogg bitstream.

Ogg Squish seems to be abandoned, and it would be a grand waste of effort
to revive it when FLAC already works so well. The Ogg people would be
much better off adopting FLAC and working on Tarkin.

I think you would benefit greatly from the publicity of being an official
Ogg codec.  Many people know about Vorbis, but FLAC is not well known.

Sorry if this is a FAQ.


Joshua Haberman  <joshua at haberman.com>

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