[Flac-dev] 24-bit support in winamp2 plugin

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 00:35:03 PDT 2002

OK, I finally fixed the linear dithering code in the Winamp 2
plugin.  I have not figured out all the whiz-bang GUI-based
configuration stuff yet so as it stands the plugin will play
back 24-bit FLAC files and dither them down to 16-bit.  I
don't know how to check if the output module supports 24-bit
either, but you can recompile the plugin without the
#define FLAC__DO_DITHER to force it to do raw 24-bit output.
I will gladly take patches for GUI configuration.

The Winamp 3 plugin will likely be MIA in flac 1.0.4 unless
the guys update their cnv_rawpcm example to match the SDK.

I am experimenting with Vorbis comment support in the XMMS
plugin; when it works I'll add it to the Winamp 2 plugin
(before 1.0.4).


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