[Flac-dev] Error initializing flac stream decoder.

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Sun Aug 18 14:29:02 PDT 2002

Thanks for that email.  The one lihe change I made is this :

from  #define FLAC__MAX_RICE_PARTITION_ORDER (15u)

and that seemed to make decoder_new() happy, but it's promptly crashing 
after making a call to the read callback (below), then to the meta 
callback.  The meta callback did nothing but print a string and return. 
  I removed it, and it's just crashing at the read callback.  The flac 
file I'm using is a 16/44.1 wav file i encoded(and decoded to verify it 

Any thoughts?  Alas, although I can generate a core file, I havn't been 
able to get get gdb to recognize it.  Is there any way to turn on 
verbose debugging messages from flac?


FLAC__StreamDecoderReadStatus rio_flac_read(const FLAC__StreamDecoder 
*decoder, FLAC__byte buffer[], unsigned *bytes, void *client_data) {
         r_glue *g = (r_glue*) client_data;
         unsigned int bytesAvailable = rio_ringbuffer_datasize(
				g->readAhead );
         unsigned int bytesToCopy = 0;
         char* inBuffer;

         if (g->decode_request == DECODE_STOP)
         if (g->eof && bytesAvailable == 0)
         g->decode_status = DECODE_RUN

         bytesToCopy = MIN(bytesAvailable, *bytes);
         inBuffer = rio_ringbuffer_read( g->readAhead, bytesToCopy);
         memcpy(buffer, inBuffer, bytesToCopy);

         if (bytesToCopy < *bytes)
                 *bytes = bytesToCopy;

Josh Coalson wrote:
> --- Reza Naima <reza at reza.net> wrote:
>>I've cross-compiled flac for the armv4l processor (rio receiver), and
>>i'm trying to start up a decode thread :
>>	#include <FLAC/stream_decoder.h>
>>		....
>>         FLAC__StreamDecoder *flac = NULL;
>>         flac = FLAC__stream_decoder_new();
>>         if (flac == NULL) {
>>                 printf("[DECODE] Unable to initalize flac
>>                 pthread_exit(NULL);
>>         }
>>And, oddly enough, it's consistantly failling at the 
>>FLAC__stream_decoder_new().  Is there any way to determine exactly
>>it isn't able to start a new instance?
>>Though the flac executable wasn't able to compile, the libs did
>>to compile.  Here's the configure syntax I used (along with CC set to
>>the cross-compiler)
>>  $ ./configure --prefix=/home/reza/projects/rio/flac --host=armv4l
> FLAC__stream_decoder_new() should only fail allocating memory.
> In 1.0.3 the decoder instance is around 2 megs.  I have fixed
> this in CVS (should be a few K now).  There's a thread on
> flac-users with a workaround but it looks like it hasn't made
> the archive yet... I'll forward it on to you.
> Josh
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