[Flac-dev] Need AMD debugging help

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 11:51:03 PDT 2002

To all who have an AMD + Windows based PC:

I have gotten a few similar bug reports about encoding
errors with FLAC.  The common features are:

- Repeatedly encoding the same file with verify will have
  verify errors some of the time (looks like aroung 50%) and
  the verify errors will occur in different places each time.

- This is happening on AMD PCs running Windows.  More reports
  come from Athlon systems but there has been one from a Duron.
  More reports come from win2k but there has been one from
  win98se and XP.

- Some people are using only the win32 binary flac release but
  a couple have compiled from source, even under cygwin, with
  similar results (see links at the end).

Since I have neither an AMD machine nor Windows > NT4,
I need some help tracking this down.  I'm not *totally*
convinced its flac's fault since I know some people here use
AMD's and no one's brought it up here.  It could be a case that
when it works there's no need to say anything; but now there is.

If anyone with a similar set up can read the comments in the
following bug reports and do some investigation it would really
help a lot.  I would like to hear about setups that are working
as much as ones that aren't.



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