[Flac-dev] Josh Coalson, you rock!

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 19:25:02 PDT 2001

--- Mark Powell <M.S.Powell at salford.ac.uk> wrote:
> I think the main component that is required to get the world to
> really
> notice this great piece of work is, unfortunately, a Windows front
> end.
> I've tried to educate freinds on the benefits of flac, but with the
> ease
> of use of Monkey Audio they just won't change.

there is one GUI, but I guess not many people have noticed
it in the 'links' section of the homepage.  maybe I should
add another section to the download page with more detailed
descriptions.  anyway, it is at:


about the monkeys audio GUI, first, Matt has added support
for every other major lossless codec except FLAC, and it
seems so easy to do that I assume it's on purpose.  people
have asked for it on the MAC forum, but maybe if more ask
he will add it.

second, you can trick the GUI into running flac instead
of shorten since the command line usage is similar.  I
guess I could add that to the documentation also.


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