[Flac-dev] Segfaults on K7

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 18:35:15 PDT 2001

--- Asheesh Laroia <PaulProteus at technologist.com> wrote:
> I'm running your debian packages on a K7 currently.  They seem to be
> working fine, including the xmms-flac package.  I seem to be
> experiencing
> the same flac decoding problems
> as Pritpaul Mahal, however.  I'll see if I can reproduce these.  It
> could
> just be a problem with my old FLAC files (from 0.9 and before).

There was a real bug with raw encoding but if you have
encoded wav files with 0.9 or earlier it is probably
safest to recode them to 1.0.
> This K7 doesn't segfault on flac as provided by the .debs.  (See
> /proc/cpuinfo at end of message.)  If there are any particular
> circumstances you want me to test, feel free to ask.

My hunch is that it's related either to the SSE or 3DNOW
asm routines.  I thought that the 3DNOW implementation
was turned off by default in 1.0 since I couldn't test
it myself.  SSE needs OS support to work and the patch
to determine support at runtime came after 1.0.  In 1.0,
I think it is turned off unless you pass a flag to


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