[Flac-dev] last minute changes

Asheesh Laroia paulproteus at technologist.com
Tue Nov 13 21:30:04 PST 2001

Can't you write a script for ./configure that checks for this, rather than
having the library do the check each time it's used?  If not, perhaps
check /proc/cpuinfo or something.  The DoIHaveSSE and DoIHave3DNow checks
could fork() if the system provides fork(); if not, the checks would
return false.

Couldn't you also just check for fork() in the configure script?

Matt, will the debian packages have 3DNow support and SSE support?

-- Asheesh.

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Josh Coalson wrote:

> for a while after 1.0, in CVS, there was code to check for
> OS support for SSE instructions.  since that required a
> fork() inside the library I have decided to remove it.  so
> now to get SSE support you have to configure with --sse-os.
> if I think of a clean way to implement this I'll put it
> back in.
> also, there's been some suspicion that the 3dnow! stuff is
> causing crashes, so I disabled that by default too.  you
> can turn it on explicitly with --use-3dnow.  I don't have
> any AMD cpus to test on, so I'm still hesitant to leave it
> on by default until the crashing goes away for more people.
> the last thing on my list is one set of patches that came
> in for compiling with watcom C.  after that I will probably
> be releasing 1.0.1 tomorrow.
> Josh
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