[Flac-dev] last minute changes

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 15:26:01 PST 2001

for a while after 1.0, in CVS, there was code to check for
OS support for SSE instructions.  since that required a
fork() inside the library I have decided to remove it.  so
now to get SSE support you have to configure with --sse-os.

if I think of a clean way to implement this I'll put it
back in.

also, there's been some suspicion that the 3dnow! stuff is
causing crashes, so I disabled that by default too.  you
can turn it on explicitly with --use-3dnow.  I don't have
any AMD cpus to test on, so I'm still hesitant to leave it
on by default until the crashing goes away for more people.

the last thing on my list is one set of patches that came
in for compiling with watcom C.  after that I will probably
be releasing 1.0.1 tomorrow.


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