[Flac-dev] tagging flac files

Asheesh Laroia PaulProteus at technologist.com
Fri Nov 9 15:43:01 PST 2001

I have been using an old version of Grip to rip and tag my files.  I use
an old version because the newer versions have built-in ID3V1 tagging and
cannot do ID3V2; the older versions used an external program to do it.

If you want, I can email you a copy of my grip config file.  If you're
using debian, just "apt-get install grip/stable"; otherwise, I can send
you a copy of the program's source and/or a binary.

As for lyrics and cover art, I can't help you there.

Verification is done automatically if you use the "-V" commandline option
to FLAC.  This decodes the file as it is encoded, and checks that the
decoded stream identical to the the input stream.

-- Asheesh.

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, E S wrote:

> this is a little off-topic, but i want to get a sense of "best practices"
> for tagging flac files.
> i want to archive my entire cd collection as flac files (onto a few of those
> new western digital 120GB drives). as part of encoding the flac files, i'd
> like to add
> 1. id3v2 tags (preferably automatically gotten from freedb)
> 2. timed lyrics a la lyrics3 v2 (is there a freedb-like source for this?)
> 3. album art (this one would just be nice to have. dunno if there's some
> repository out there for this)
> What would be the best way to automate creating flac files from audio cds
> that at least include 1 & 2 (on windows or linux)?

I surely do hope that's a syntax error.
             -- Larry Wall in <199710011752.KAA21624 at wall.org>

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