[Flac-dev] best way to ensure integrity of flac source files?

E S es0123 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 14:42:01 PST 2001

if there was a flac-users list i'd be asking these questions there, but 
anyway =)

on windows, i've been using eac in secure mode and using "test & copy" to 
verify that the crc checksums match. invariably, i'll get one or two 
mismatches per album i rip, so i figure the checksum verification is a good 
thing despite the extra time. once i rip a cd, i want to forget about it and 
tuck it away in a closet, assured that my flac version is every bit as good 
as the original.

what's the equivalent tool (and any options) for producing a perfect quality 
audio cd rip on linux?

and i promise i'll collate these answers into a document for the future 
benefit of flac-users everywhere =)



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