[Flac-dev] Winamp plugin problems?

Josh Coalson j_coalson at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 01:37:28 PDT 2001

> > Using
> > v.10 encoded files with the latest Winamp plugin, the audio plays
> > doubletime
> > (sounds like a cd player in seek/fast-forward mode).  Have you had
> > any bug
> > reports with the winamp plugin?
> no one has mentioned any problems with the winamp plugin
> for a long time.  I'll try and reproduce this with 0.10 but I'm
> pretty sure I tried it on two of my windows boxes before and it
> worked... but it might have been an earlier version.  I'll check
> into it.

I'm passing this on to the list to get some feedback...
Mike is getting sped-up playback with the winamp2 plugin
(0.10) and for the life of me I can't reproduce it.  I've
tried winamp 2.07 and 2.76 (I think the latest one).  Is
anyone else having the same problem?

BTW Mike, are these 44.1kHz/16bps files?  What version of
Winamp are you using?


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