[Flac-dev] beta 10 candidate checked in

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 14:35:23 PDT 2001

>  I noticed the following in include/FLAC/format.h:
> /* VERSION should come from configure */
> #ifdef VERSION
> #else
> #define FLAC__VERSION_STRING "0.10"
> #endif
> Is there any circumstance where you would want to support building
> without
> VERSION defined?  Supplying a default leaves you vulnerable to some
> subtle
> bugs; for example, if/when a config.h is used instead of -Dvar=val,
> forgetting
> to include config.h would cause the default value to be used instead.
>  If you
> change this code, then configure.in could be a single place to change
> the
> version number.
good you noticed this.  it is actually a relic from the
Makefile.lite make system that I meant to fix.  so I removed
the default behavior moved it to the build/*.mk files (which
I think only I use and won't be the official source distro


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