[Flac-dev] Re: Inclusion of debian packaging info

Caleb Epstein cae at bklyn.org
Fri Jun 15 11:42:53 PDT 2001

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 11:33:15AM -0700, Josh Coalson wrote:

> > it's hard enough for the average user to find out how to compile
> > source
> > packages and checkout from CVS. The Ogg sources also includes a
> > debian/
> > dir and it was much easier to build deb packages from this. 

	Sorry, I'm just coming in in the middle of this, but I second
	any motion to include a debian/ dirextory directory in the
	flac sources.

	In general the build scripts and control files in a debian/
	directory are pretty static and don't change from version to
	version, with the exception of the changelog.  To include them
	in an application's source generally involves very little
	overhead and maintenance.

> If you are building periodically from CVS then it seems like extra
> work to make a package out of it just to install.  Whenever I do
> such a thing with someone else's proggie I usually just configure
> --prefix=/some/temp/place && make && make install and just run out
> of there.  I guess it's slightly more complicated with flac because
> of the plugin but not too bad.

	For those of us who use debian, the idea of installing
	something not in packaged form is almost blasphemy :)

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