[Flac-dev] streaming flac?

smoerk at gmx.de smoerk at gmx.de
Sun Jun 10 07:58:59 PDT 2001

>I believe icecast needs to know things like the bitrate of the encoded data,
>which would be codec-specific, so icecast would need be modified to know about
>the hypothetical ogg-flac format.

I'm not sure if icecast have to be modified or if it could stream
non-vorbis files too. Jack Moffitt should know the answer.

>It should also be possible to stream FLAC
>data directly.

should be possible too, but does it make sense to write another
streaming server?

>In order to make the most of Ogg, FLAC would have to omit some of its internal
>streaming data, and let Ogg handle framing, restarting, etc.  Integration of
>FLAC with Ogg seems like a good post-1.0 project.  Would it make most sense to
>support both Ogg-encapsulated and plain FLAC formats, or switch to Ogg

If it's possible to integrate flac codec in the official ogg
distribution it would make sense to switch to ogg/flac. 

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