[Flac-dev] Re: beta 10 candidate checked in

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Sat Jun 9 09:09:26 PDT 2001

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 01:17:48AM +0000, Christian Weisgerber wrote:

> Christian Weisgerber <naddy at mips.inka.de> wrote:
> > | # nasm build rule:
> > | %.lo: %.s
> Even with gmake, this really works only by accident.  Automake
> generates a competing suffix rule, and gmake apparently gives the
> rule above a higher priority than the suffix rule (or that just
> happens to be the evaluation order).

As far as I know, this is the correct way to override a default pattern/suffix
rule.  The one specified explicitly should override the default.

> Matt, since you seem to understand automake, can you come up with
> something to properly integrate this with automake's logic?

I believe this can be fixed by adding .s to automake's SUFFIXES variable (not
to be confused with .SUFFIXES).  I need to look into it a bit more.

> >     .SUFFIXES: .lo .s
> >     .s.lo:
> (This of course doesn't work with automake.)

It doesn't?  Anything in a Makefile.am that doesn't appear to be special
automake magic is passed through to the Makefile (via Makefile.in).  How is
it failing?

 - mdz

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