[Flac-dev] screen output

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 13:24:56 PDT 2001

> Now I'm compressing my music with flac and found a few points that I 
dont like: 
> I started flac to compress 15 files with "flac -V *.wav" Flac
> to compress the 15 files without problem. To check if Flac had
> with one of the files I had to scroll the screen up all the 
> "XX% complete: frame YYY, wrote ZZZ ..." screen output. While flac 
> compressed my WAVs I used X to write this mail and so. After flac had
> finished the job I changed to a virtual console but the <SHIFT> + <PG
> UP> combination did not worked. So I had to use flac with the -t 
> argument again to see if all files were correct.
> This is a point I dislike. I wish to see per default (!) one or two 
> output lines per file and not more! Something like:
> "FLAC is compressing file xyz.wav: now XX% done"
> is enough. FLAC produce similar output with the "-t" argument.
> If I want to see the complete output (which is now the default) it 
> could be possible to give an "-information" argument.
well, I don't put filename and stats on the same line because that
will wrap on most people's terminals, then \r starts to not work
and look ugly.  but you should see only 2 lines per file, 3 with -V.
I will think about an encode mode that shows just 'filename: status'.

not sure about the keystroke problems but if you use -s it will be
nice and silent unless there are verification (or other) errors.

> To see possible warning messages I started flac by tiping "flac -V -s
> *.wav". I hope FLAC will print warning messages although I used the 
> "-s" argument?! Is'n it?
yes, all warnings and errors are printed to stderr even when -s is

> One point to keep in mind for later after 1.0 releases: I wish that 
> FLAC 2.0 (or whenever flac has a file-format-change)  will accept
> .flac files as input and write an output flac-file in the new 2.0 
> format. This will be to update all my old flac files to the new flac 
> format in an easy way.
I plan on keeping the format backward compatible for just this reason.
I just didn't guarantee backward compatibility during beta because
the basic format was still being hammered out.

thanks for the info.


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